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threats to California forests

Fire, other ravages jeopardize California’s prized forests

Forest in California may be disappearing. Scientists say repeated fires, drought and beetle infestations are altering the Sierra Nevada.
human wildfire spotters & lookouts

America’s fire spotters aren’t ready to fade away just yet

Officials say the future of wildfire detection is cameras. But in northwest Montana, solitary humans on mountaintops still do more than machines alone can offer.
boreal caribou habitat
Photo by J-Photos on Unsplash

Scientists produce forecast of boreal caribou habitat change

And now, the caribou forecast. New projections show how NWT boreal caribou habitat and populations may change throughout the century due to climate change.
climate change future impacts

How bad will climate change get? Just look at the U.S.

“As the world warms, the United States warms more,” reads the latest National Climate Assessment.

climate change alters SW tribes ancestral home

Tribe seeks to adapt as climate change alters ancestral home

Raymond Naranjo sings for rain, his voice rising and falling as he softly strikes his rawhide-covered drum. The 99-year-old invites the cloud spirits, rain children, mist, thunder and lightning to join him at Santa Clara Pueblo, where Tewa people have lived for thousands of years on land they call Kha’p’o Owingeh, the Valley of the Wild Roses.

future of wine in the climate crisis
David Clarke/Flickr

Droughts, heat and fire: the future of wine in the climate crisis

Across the planet, growers are having to adjust to extreme conditions in a warming world
Diablo Canyon Nuclear plant status

The divide over Diablo

Greens battle greens over the fate of California’s last nuke plant.