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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Trump's return could severely impact Biden's wind power initiatives

A potential Trump presidency poses a significant threat to the progress of the offshore wind industry and clean energy transition.

Josh Siegel reports for POLITICO.

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Solar power growth energy transition
Credit: Gerry Machen/Flickr

Solar power's unstoppable rise: a new dawn in global energy

In a groundbreaking study, scientists assert that solar energy has reached a pivotal tipping point, ensuring its rapid and irreversible global proliferation.

Simrin Sirur reports for Mongabay.

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offshore wind
Photo by Reegan Fraser on Unsplash

How to build a wind farm off the coast of New York

South Fork Wind, the first large-scale offshore wind farm to supply electricity to U.S. consumers, may have more company one day. For now, see how the construction is wrapping up.
The race to fix clean energy's waste problem

The race to fix clean energy's waste problem

While wind electricity is clean, this green industry has a waste problem. Now there's a race to solve it.
wind turbines fields
Photo by Peter Beukema on Unsplash

Northeast states double down on building America's wind market, despite setbacks

General Electric’s giant wind turbine facility is on track, aided by New York state support.
wooden wind turbines
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World's tallest wooden wind turbine starts turning

Wood and glue is better for the environment than steel, says manufacturer, and could see taller turbines.
clean energy gains 2023
Credit: Gerry Machen/Flickr

The year in clean energy: Wind, solar and batteries grow despite economic challenges

Led by new solar power, the world added renewable energy at breakneck speed in 2023, a trend that if amplified will help Earth turn away from fossil fuels and prevent severe warming and its effects.