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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Africa’s raptors in decline
Credit: Ninara/Flickr

Africa’s birds of prey are in decline, a new study finds

Numbers have dropped, in some cases sharply, for nearly all of the 42 raptor species surveyed in sub-Saharan regions.
desert bats growing threats

Desert bats face the growing, twin threats of white-nose syndrome and wind turbines

Protecting the Southwest’s winged mammals from the menaces coming to their roosts and their flight paths first requires changing the public’s perspectives of the keystone species.

solar panels & wind turbines public acceptance

Most Americans comfortable with solar panels, turbines in their communities, Post-UMD poll finds

Many Americans support renewable energy infrastructure, but experts say progress can be impeded by a small, yet vocal, opposition.
misinformation threatening clean energy transition

Memes and misinformation are threatening the clean energy transition

For decades, Republicans and Democrats alike supported wind energy in Iowa. But recently, there’s been a surge in local opposition to projects.
Monster wind turbines floating offshore could be future of wind energy

Monster wind turbines floating offshore could be future of wind energy

Norway’s prime minister and crown prince were sweating like everyone else, zipped into their survival suits as they boarded helicopters to see the future.
energy transition critical minerals climate

The energy transition relies on critical minerals. Do we have enough?

The world needs critical minerals for electric cars, wind turbines and solar panels. Do we have enough?
beached whales offshore wind

Dead humpback whales latest setback to Biden plan for offshore wind turbines

Dead whales on the beach are the latest unwelcome head wind in the race to build enormous wind turbines in the Atlantic to meet White House climate goals.