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Republicans challenge federal and California electric vehicle mandates
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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UK workers ‘should get day off’ if workplace is hotter than 30C

A maximum indoor temperature working law giving people a day off if workplace temperatures surpass 30C should be mandated by government, a new report recommends.

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Photo by Jessica Pamp on Unsplash

Seychelles fighting climate change: Entrepreneurs dream of saving the ocean

Overfishing, global warming and plastic pollution are having a devastating impact on the world’s oceans. Researchers warn that marine ecosystems could almost completely collapse within 25 years.

4-day workweek co2 emissions

Will a 4-day work week cut CO2 emissions?

The first successful trials of the 4-day work week have concluded that it improves work-life balance - could it also be the answer to lower CO2 emissions?
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Louisiana will receive $25M federal grant to plug orphaned oil and gas wells

Louisiana will use a $25 million grant to plug, cap and reclaim up to 900 orphaned oil and gas wells across the state in the first phase of a $4.7 billion federal program included in last year's infrastructure law.

4-day workweek climate energy emissions

How a 4-day workweek could benefit the environment

Reducing the workweek to four days could have a climate benefit, advocates say. In addition to improving the well-being of workers, they say slashing working hours may reduce carbon emissions.

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California agriculture battered by drought

The lack of water in California's Central Valley, a linchpin of the nation's food supply, is undermining its agriculture industry. A region is being reshaped as families move out and corporations move in.
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Emma Marris: Why I'm staying angry about climate change

Living in the era of climate change might make us feel guilt, or grief, or anger. How do those who think about these problems every day keep going?