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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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overshoot commission geoengineering
Image by Hans from Pixabay

The Overshoot Commission is talking about solar geoengineering. Not everyone thinks it should

The Overshoot Commission is discussing solar geongineering technologies like social radiation management but some of its members are concerned.

flooding building

Flood-battered Italian region may see more violent and frequent storms

Experts have linked recent deadly rains in the north of the country to climate change, but decades of urbanization and neglect helped lay the groundwork for a calamity.
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At G7 summit, leaders wrangle on coal, natural gas and climate

The U.S. finds itself caught between defending President Biden’s climate change agenda and aiding allies intent on increasing their access to fossil fuels.
western canada climate impacts wildfires

More than 13,000 evacuated as wildfires burn in Western Canada

Government officials declared a provincial state of emergency as more than 100 wildfires burned across Alberta on Saturday, with dozens still “out of control.”
Bikini Atoll nuclear contamination trust fund
Photograph Curator/Flickr/Public Domain/NHHC Photograph Collection

$59 million, gone: How Bikini Atoll leaders blew through U.S. trust fund

The Trump administration lifted spending limits on the fund, which aids descendants of people forced to leave the coral reef because of U.S. nuclear testing.
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Climate protesters try to bring Berlin traffic to a halt

German climate activists temporarily brought traffic to a standstill in some parts of Berlin on Monday by gluing themselves to streets all over the capital.

adda river italy climate drought
Image by Giada Riva from Pixabay

In Italy, Leonardo’s Ferry is left high and dry by global warming and red tape

A ferry used to traverse the banks of the Adda River, in northern Italy, but drought and an abundance of bureaucracy has closed it down.