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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Skiing World Cup hampered by climate change
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Skiers seek climate change moves: 'The seasons have shifted'

Overall World Cup winners Mikaela Shiffrin , Federica Brignone and Aleksander Aamodt Kilde are among nearly 200 athletes from multiple disciplines who have signed a letter addressed to the International Ski and Snowboard Federation demanding action over climate change .

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How Qatar keeps its world cup stadiums cool enough for everyone

A mechanical engineer at Qatar University used giant tanks of cold water to create a cooling system in one of the hottest places on the planet.
For Qatar, the challenge of a ‘carbon neutral’ World Cup

For Qatar, the challenge of a ‘carbon neutral’ World Cup

Environmentalists have pointed to numerous flaws in Qatar’s, and FIFA’s, approach to “net zero.”
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Climate change is another headache for cricket, says ICC chair

A World Cup that began with controversies over sponsors on a carbon footprint basis has ended with an admission by the global body’s chair Greg Barclay that climate change is adding to complications for tournament organisers.

How bad is football for the environment?

How bad is football for the environment?

In which we discover the most environmentally-friendly way to watch the World Cup.
Sausages inflate World Cup carbon budget

Sausages inflate World Cup carbon budget

Some climate change research is enlightening, some alarming, some baffling – and some, on soccer and sausages, might seem a little bizarre.