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no escape from wildfire smoke
Photo by Caleb Cook on Unsplash

David Wallace-Wells: There’s no escape from wildfire smoke

Even distant fires can send dangerous, imperceptible pollution to your doorstep.
Prescribed burn decrease Florida Wildfire risk increase
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Servic/Flickr/Public Domainhttps://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/

Craig Pittman: Florida has a burning issue involving fire — or the lack of it

Prescribed burns are necessary, but our hordes of new residents complain about the smoke.

growing wildfire risks in Colorado
National Interagency Fire/Flickr/Public Domainhttps://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/

These bills aim to address growing wildfire risks in Colorado

Colorado legislators are considering bills related to wildfire prevention and resiliency this session with two weeks remaining.
Colorado land use & housing
Chris Waits/Flickr/Commercial use & mods allowedhttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Legislative proposal in Colorado aims to tackle urban sprawl, a housing shortage and climate change all at once

Surveying the loss of homes in wildfires and a half-century of rapid growth, a new measure introduced by the governor and state Democrats promotes sustainable land use and climate-resilient communities.

wildfire buffer for California towns
Felton Davis/Flickr

Could a buffer shield Californian homes from wildfire?

Four years ago, the town of Paradise, California was devastated by fire. Could a new kind of greenbelt around the town protect it from future disaster?
wild land-urban interface

As wildfires grow, millions of homes are being built in harm’s way

The number of homes in fire-prone parts of the West soared from 10 million in 1990 to 16 million today, a big reason wildfires are causing more destruction.
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year round wildfire threat
State Farm/Flickr

The West’s forever fire season

How climate change makes wildfire more likely to happen all year round.