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Is Xcel Energy holding back substation capacity from solar developers? It’s complicated

Clean energy advocates believe technical restrictions imposed by Xcel Energy are curtailing the expansion of solar energy in Minnesota.

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Minnesota adjusts solar incentives to prioritize low-income households

A new law requires Xcel Energy to dedicate half of its Solar Rewards program budget to income-qualified customers, a category that includes schools and nonprofits.
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Xcel gets $70 million for Colorado clean energy storage

The U.S. Department of Energy granted $70 million to Xcel Energy to help build clean energy storage batteries in Colorado and Minnesota, cementing the financing for groundbreaking technologies the state’s largest utility needs.
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Xcel Energy presents proposed power line routes from Lyon County to Sherco power plant near Becker, Minnesota

Renewable energy will replace the power now being produced by the Sherco coal-fired plant, which is to be retired as part of Xcel Energy’s clean energy transition.

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Impending bill digs into problems with Colorado's environmental permitting process

Under the bill, which targets "minor sources" of ozone, state agencies would have to consider the cumulative impacts of their operations.

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Xcel accelerates exit from coal

Xcel Energy announced on Monday that it will close its last coal plant four years ahead of schedule and replace it with renewable energy — a move that will allow the Minneapolis-based utility to finish its transition away from coal by the end of this decade.

Utilities have big plans to cut emissions, but they’re struggling to shed fossil fuels

Utilities have big plans to cut emissions, but they’re struggling to shed fossil fuels

Even a renewable energy leader like Xcel, one of the first to pledge net zero emissions by mid-century, is finding it hard to end coal without adding natural gas.