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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Mexico City's water crisis deepens amid urban growth and climate change
Heavy rains spur mosquito surge in Houston with climate change worsening the issue
Living on Earth: The new climate denial

Living on Earth: The new climate denial

A recent report finds that social media platforms like YouTube are amplifying and sometimes profiting from new forms of climate denial that falsely claim it’s too late to act on the climate crisis.

youtube misinformation

Third of UK teenagers believe climate change exaggerated, report shows

A third of UK teenagers believe climate change is “exaggerated”, a report has found, as YouTube videos promoting a new kind of climate denial aimed at young people proliferate on the platform.

Google allowing climate lies
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Google promised to defund climate lies, but the ads keep coming

Google said in 2021 that it would stop running ads alongside videos and other content that denied the existence and causes of climate change.
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'Methane-free' Big Mac recipe will help 'save the planet' from climate change

Sky News host Rowan Dean has proposed a “carbon neutral Big Mac recipe” to cut down methane emissions “in line with Labor's plan to save the planet from catastrophic climate change”.

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It's as bad as ever: Climate change denial still rages on social media

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok have all made pledges to crack down on the spread of misinformation, but it’s still being promoted on all their platforms.

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YouTube movie teaches children how to protect the Earth

Climate change is a serious topic, but Kathryn Zoerb and Francesca Chilcote are helping kids learn about it with laughter.

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Climate change is making harvest more difficult this year for cranberry farmers

Cranberries are a staple in many Thanksgiving meals. But this year, the trip these little fruits made to your table was a bit more challenging.