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zoonotic diseases vector-borne pathogens
Credit: Ken Doerr/Flickr

Rethinking our approach to zoonotic diseases in a changing world

Despite historical attempts to eliminate diseases, experts now suggest focusing on control and coexistence.

Joanna Thompson reports for Undark.

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Wild fish pathogens

Wild fish host new viruses, including a coronavirus cousin

Researchers have detected multiple new viruses in wild sport fish in Wisconsin, revealing a surprising diversity of pathogens.

Danielle Kaeding reports for Wisconsin Public Radio.

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deer crossing road
Photo by Steven Coffey on Unsplash

An incurable disease is coming for deer

It rots their brains, weakens their muscles, and can linger in the environment for years.
It's not just extreme weather: 'Climate-sensitive' diseases are spreading through the US
Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash

It's not just extreme weather: 'Climate-sensitive' diseases are spreading through the US

Climate change is pushing ticks, mosquitoes, and more into new regions.
mosquito on leaf
Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash

What to know about dengue fever as cases spread to new places

Dengue, the excruciating mosquito-borne disease, is surging throughout the world and coming to places that had never had it. California just confirmed a rare U.S. case.
street dog
Photo by manjur alom on Unsplash

Dogs are key to stopping spread of deadly tick epidemic in U.S., Mexico

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is on the rise in parts of Mexico and the United States. Climate change and dogs could be crucial to the fight against the tick-borne scourge.
ticks & tick-borne pathogens

Ticks and the diseases they carry are spreading. Can this drug stamp them out?

A small study showed that feeding deer a type of ivermectin reduced the number of ticks drinking their blood. (Yes, it’s that ivermectin. No, you shouldn’t eat it.)