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wildfire spraying

Estamos vertiendo montones de productos químicos retardantes para combatir los incendios forestales. ¿Qué significa esto para la vida silvestre?

A medida que los incendios forestales del oeste se hacen más grandes e intensos, las agencias estatales y federales de lucha contra el fuego utilizan cada vez más retardantes aéreos, lo que suscita la preocupación por la muerte de peces, la vida acuática y la calidad del agua.

Cuando el incendio de Caldor se dirigió hacia el lago Tahoe azotado por la sequía en los últimos días de agosto, los bomberos se enfrentaron a un escenario aleccionador: los fuertes vientos aumentaron desde el suroeste, empujando el fuego hacia áreas pobladas y provocando que decenas de miles de personas huyeran.

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wildfire retardant

We’re dumping loads of retardant chemicals to fight wildfires. What does it mean for wildlife?

As the Caldor Fire roared toward drought-stricken Lake Tahoe in the last days of August, firefighters faced a sobering scenario: Strong winds increased from the southwest, pushing the fire toward populated areas and prompting tens of thousands to flee.

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How eco-friendly communes could change the future of housing.
ReGen Villages
Good News

How eco-friendly communes could change the future of housing.

When a massive wildfire destroyed more than a thousand homes last year in the bone-dry hills of drought-stricken Lake County, California, about two hours north of San Francisco, Magdalena Valderrama Hurwitz and her husband Eliot were among those made homeless. Eager to transform their tragedy into an opportunity, they got together with a group of neighbors who had also lost their homes and began imagining a different kind of community.

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plastic composting

Bioplastics create a composting conundrum

Biodegradable food packaging is a step in the right direction, experts say, but when composted carries risks of microplastic and chemical contamination.

plastic treaty

Groups push Biden administration to take leadership role at upcoming plastic treaty talks

The US has taken a “middle of the road position” so far, environmental groups say.

chemical recycling Youngstown

Listen: Why communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia are fighting chemical recycling plants

EHN reporter Kristina Marusic discusses her new three-part series on the controversies surrounding chemical recycling.

chemical recycling

Latest chemical recycling plant closing spurs concern over the industry’s viability

Oregon’s Regenyx plant announced its closing in late February, with those involved calling it a success, despite never reaching planned capacity and millions of dollars lost.

plastic treaty

Everything you need to know for the fourth round of global plastic pollution treaty talks

Countries will meet this month in Ottawa to move forward on the historic treaty — but obstacles remain.

zero waste business

Zero- and low-waste businesses band together against plastic pollution

As part of a national coalition, sustainable businesses are pooling resources to fight plastic pollution.

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