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Amazon, Ikea and other big companies commit to zero-emission shipping by 2040

Organized by the nonprofit Aspen Institute, the initiative also counts Unilever, Michelin and Patagonia among its signatories.

'Eco-Score' labels make shopping more sustainable

A simple letter-grading system in the U.K. has led to a significant shift towards ecologically greener foods.

North Carolina communities’ decades-long environmental justice fight

As large-scale hog and poultry industries continue to grow in eastern North Carolina, local residents push back against decades of air and water pollution.

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China, coal and COP26: Can the world’s biggest emitter give up its dirty habit?

Those who helped fuel China’s growth fear for livelihoods, while power shortages create transition dilemma for Xi Jinping

This 'climate transformation platform' lets companies invest in bolder

Instead of just trying to find carbon credits, this portfolio allows companies to put their money into funding nascent carbon removal projects.

The flood of climate disasters has the food system reeling

Farmers and eaters are racing to respond to the critical impacts on the food system—and to prepare for what's ahead. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

By water and air, Albany seeks to bypass a bad highway

Since the 1960s, an elevated stretch of Interstate 787 has blocked Albany’s Hudson River waterfront. To reconnect the city and the river, some offbeat workarounds are in order. 
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“Code Red” for climate means reducing US oil and gas production: Derrick Z. Jackson

Whatever long game the Biden administration hopes to play, the planet is telling us that we are going into the fourth quarter with no promise of overtime.

Should oil and gas companies be exempt from Pennsylvania’s hazardous waste laws?

State legislators are considering a set of bills aimed at protecting residents from exposure to cancer-causing radioactive waste from the oil and gas industry.

Pittsburgh's air was unhealthy to breathe for 57 days in 2020

"Even a single day of unhealthy air is unacceptable. When we're seeing nearly two months of unhealthy air, that's a huge problem."

Op-ed: California needs to quit ignoring the public health and climate cost of pesticides

For too long the state has allowed undue regulatory influence by pesticide companies.

We’re dumping loads of retardant chemicals to fight wildfires. What does it mean for wildlife?

As western wildfires become bigger and more intense, state and federal fire agencies are using more and more aerial fire retardant, prompting concerns over fish kills, aquatic life, and water quality.

Op-ed: We don’t have time for another fossil fuel bridge

Those holding up carbon capture and hydrogen as new climate solutions are leading us down the wrong path.

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