Krugman: Climate Denial, Covid Denial and the Right’s Descent

Covid denial has turned out to be even worse than climate denial. We've gone from cynical catering to corporate interests to aggressive, performative anti-rationality.


Leonard Pitts, Jr.: From the looks of things, willful ignorance is going to be the death of us

The insurrection crisis, the COVID crisis and the climate-change crisis are really, at bottom, just facets of a misinformation crisis.


Video: The Carbon Cost of California’s Most Prolific Oil Fields

On the list of top U.S. states for oil production, California ranks seventh, which is undoubtedly a surprise to many who focus on the state's green and progressive environmental laws. But thanks to those laws, we have data on how much energy is required to get each barrel of crude out of the ground.


Michael Mann: Climate Change Impacts are `Widespread and Severe.'

The new U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report is unequivocal: The impacts of climate change are already here, writes climatologist Michael E. Mann
Photo by Li-An Lim on Unsplash

RealClimate: Best of the IPCC AR6 report

As climate scientists we tend to look at the IPCC reports a little differently than the general public might. Here are a few things that mark this report out from previous versions.


Report Fatigue - Commentary From A Climate Scientist On The Latest IPCC Summary

As we move forward, I hope to see more focus on actionable policy discussions centered on the solutions space – and not stifled by two-, four- or six-year political cycles.


The Language Of Climate Change Just Changed In a Major Way

The U.N. IPCC’s new climate report expresses the certainty of climate science in an unprecedented manner.
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“Code Red” for climate means reducing US oil and gas production: Derrick Z. Jackson

Whatever long game the Biden administration hopes to play, the planet is telling us that we are going into the fourth quarter with no promise of overtime.

Should oil and gas companies be exempt from Pennsylvania’s hazardous waste laws?

State legislators are considering a set of bills aimed at protecting residents from exposure to cancer-causing radioactive waste from the oil and gas industry.

Pittsburgh's air was unhealthy to breathe for 57 days in 2020

"Even a single day of unhealthy air is unacceptable. When we're seeing nearly two months of unhealthy air, that's a huge problem."

Op-ed: California needs to quit ignoring the public health and climate cost of pesticides

For too long the state has allowed undue regulatory influence by pesticide companies.

We’re dumping loads of retardant chemicals to fight wildfires. What does it mean for wildlife?

As western wildfires become bigger and more intense, state and federal fire agencies are using more and more aerial fire retardant, prompting concerns over fish kills, aquatic life, and water quality.

Op-ed: We don’t have time for another fossil fuel bridge

Those holding up carbon capture and hydrogen as new climate solutions are leading us down the wrong path.

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