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Can we please quit plastic toothbrushes?

Your toothbrush is part of the plastic crisis. It doesn’t have to be.
coal burning climate impacts
Credit: Safa Hovinen/Flickr

A US engineer had a shocking plan to improve the climate – burn all coal on Earth

A prominent US engineer once argued we should set alight every coal mine on the planet - why did he believe it would improve the climate?

Appropriators reveal details for energy, environment bills

Programs at the Interior Department and EPA could face cuts. The Department of Energy is likely to see a small funding increase.
black Americans environmental injustices
Credit: ECV-OnTheRoad/Flickr

Adam Mahoney: Pollution is driving Black Americans to the South. It may not be any better.

Pollution is contributing to Black Americans’ decision to move South, in a trend that is as worrying as it is moving.
Utah’s Great Salt Lake on verge of collapse
Credit: Jasen Miller/Flickr

Utah legislature takes aim at rights of nature movement

Nonhuman entities like corporations and municipalities have long had “legal personhood” in U.S. law. Now, Utah lawmakers want to prevent lakes, forests and other parts of nature from having the same legal status.
eu farmer protests
Credit: conceptphoto.info/Flickr

Why are farmers protesting across the EU and what can the bloc do about it?

Food producers say increasing costs, tiny margins and climate policies leave livelihoods in peril.

Louisiana sues EPA for investigative emails
Credit: Jim Bowen/Flickr

‘Certainly intimidation’: Louisiana sues EPA for emails of journalists and ‘Cancer Alley’ residents

Deep south state escalates its fight against environmental protection with ‘rare’ use of public record laws.

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carbon capture

30 environmental advocacy groups ask PA governor to veto carbon capture bill

“Putting resources toward carbon capture and storage instead of renewable energy is wasting time we don’t have.”

climate justice

Op-ed: Farmers of color need climate action now. The farm bill is our best hope.

Farmers of color who are leading the charge for regenerative farming, as they have done for generations, need our support now more than ever.

WATCH: Enduring the “endless” expansion of the nation’s petrochemical corridor

WATCH: Enduring the “endless” expansion of the nation’s petrochemical corridor

As mounds of dredged material from the Houston Ship Channel dot their neighborhoods, residents are left without answers as to what dangers could be lurking.

US Steel pollution

Nippon Steel shareholders demand environmental accountability in light of pending U.S. Steel acquisition

“It’s a little ironic that they’re coming to the U.S. and buying a company facing all the same problems they’re facing in Japan.”

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