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George Monbiot: Environmental destruction is part of Liz Truss’s plan

The prime minister’s ideology encourages the extraction of as much income as possible from nature before abandoning it.


Environmental bodies concerned by new UK government's climate comments

Initial comments by British Prime Minister Liz Truss's conservative government have raised concerns about her climate policy in a country which is increasingly feeling the effects of global warming but is going through an unprecedented energy crisis.


Rich nations to face climate pressure at pre-COP27 talks in DR Congo

Environment ministers from some 50 countries gather in DR Congo on Monday for the pre-COP27 climate talks, with rich countries expected to come under pressure to contribute more to fight global warming.

Link between ocean acidification and fast-melting Arctic ice discovered by scientists

After discovering acidity levels increasing three to four times faster in the western region of the Arctic Ocean than in any ocean waters elsewhere, an international team of researchers has sounded new alarm bells.

Food waste has an impact on climate change in the region, warn UN officials

High levels of food waste in the Middle East are linked directly to climate change, leading UN officials say. They said hospitality industry staff can act as “agents of change” in inspiring a change of behaviour.


This hairdresser gives lessons on how to discuss climate change with clients

In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at an Australian hairdresser who is teaching others in her profession how to have meaningful climate change discussions.


LA’s air is hotter, more humid. But it’s cleaner to breathe

Many Angelenos have noticed a major difference in the county’s air over the past few years. It’s hotter, more humid, less toxic. And Southern California’s marine layer is shrinking. But how much?

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Chemical recycling grows  along with concerns of its impacts

Chemical recycling grows — along with concerns about its environmental impacts

Industry says chemical recycling could solve the plastic waste crisis, but environmental advocates and some lawmakers are skeptical.

Failure of the universities: The culture gap is now near lethal

Universities are failing us

Our educational systems are failing to prepare people for existential environmental threats

Shell's new petrochemical complex in southwestern Pennsylvania

The Titans of Plastic

Pennsylvania becomes the newest sacrifice zone for America’s plastic addiction.

Ruth Greenspan Bell: Wealth and the climate dilemma

Ruth Greenspan Bell: Wealth and the climate dilemma

Developing countries that increase their fossil fuel production are at a crossroads: securing their own long-term well-being or earning revenue to finance programs to support immediate economic growth.

Solving the climate crisis will help both ‘sacrifice zones’ and ‘cute’ puffins

Solving the climate crisis will help both ‘sacrifice zones’ and ‘cute’ puffins

Curbing pollution for families in Chicago calms the climatic conditions that drive fish away from puffins half a continent away.

puffin tern recovery climate change

Good news: A good year for puffins and terns, despite climate change

A visit to a remote Maine island finds puffins and terns rebounding despite climate change

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