Oh good, now there's an outbreak of wildfire thunderclouds

Huge pyrocumulonimbus clouds just formed over fires in the West. These clouds can then advance across the landscape, sparking new wildfires as they go. Here's why they could become more common on a warmer planet.


Devastated by disasters, Lake Charles is still waiting for help

The Louisiana city, hobbled by two hurricanes, a winter storm and a flood, has struggled to translate sympathy into financial support. It is a challenge other cities could soon face.

Outrage as Italy faces multimillion pound damages to UK oil firm

Secretive tribunals allow fossil fuel companies to sue governments for passing laws to protect environment. This makes it much harder to prevent climate change.


Opinion: My dad’s prepping for the end times. Climate change makes me think I should, too

I've never been a prepper, not even of workweek meals portioned into Tupperware or for the written part of my driver's exam. I didn't inherit my dad's apocalyptic preoccupation.


Wildfire smoke blowing across the U.S. is more toxic than we thought

Wildfires are threatening homes on the West Coast and in Canada, but their smoke is polluting air as far away as New York. Each plume of smoke resulting from a wildfire is a unique mixture, from the types of trees burned to buildings or other objects, including plastics, that may have been incinerated by the blaze.


Why chemical pollution is turning into a third great planetary crisis

Thousands of synthetic substances have leaked into ecosystems everywhere, and we are only just beginning to realise the devastating consequences

See how wildfire smoke spread across the United States

Smoke from wildfires in the western United States and Canada covered skies in a thick haze on Tuesday and triggered air quality alerts from Toronto to Philadelphia.
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Climate activists pan carbon capture plans

'There are still no projects operating anywhere in the world that have delivered on time, on budget, or in the quantities promised.'

Op-ed: Embracing rainwater through green infrastructure

The US can tackle climate change driven flooding in vulnerable communities by building nature-based solutions into infrastructure plans.

Op-ed: Another road is possible

To tackle climate change and save lives, the Biden Administration needs to support bike- and pedestrian-friendly streets.

US wildfires’ increasing toll on wildlife

EHN talked to California vets who cared for wildfire-impacted affected animals in 2020.

Wisdom of our elders

A tribute to four, each at least a half century older than me, who taught me a lot.

Reader response: Opponents of geoengineering misunderstand humanity’s choices

"Without some kind of prompt geoengineering action, climate change will accelerate the damage we are already seeing."

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