extreme marine heat waves

How urchins and the Blob tag teamed kelp forests

From 2013 to 2016, the Blob derailed the ecosystem in the northeast Pacific. Years later, scientists are still uncovering new consequences wrought by this extreme heatwave.
Sunrise in the woods

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Living in a doomed paradise where the sea consumes cottages, cliffs, and the A&W drive-thru

Quebec’s Magdalen islanders face a stark choice: resist, adapt, or give in to the ravenous sea.
Saskatchewan farmland replacing native grasslands

Saskatchewan farmland caught between profit and habitat

Land ownership concentration and big money are forcing farmers to clear their lands in order to keep up.

Pittsburgh opens 5 cooling centers as Wednesday temperature hits 90

With temperatures in Pittsburgh expected to reach 90 on Wednesday, the city announced it will open five of its cooling centers to the public in neighborhoods across town.

Europe heat wave: The UK, France, and Spain are breaking temperature records faster than expected

The recent heat wave is a reminder that disasters are rarely polite enough to wait their turn. Covid-19, the war in Ukraine, and the economic stresses of inflation are making it more difficult for countries to respond to the severe weather, and compounding its toll.

At the greater & greener conference, urban parks officials and advocates talk equity and climate change

Former New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu, the president’s infrastructure coordinator, promotes urban parks to help cities defend against, and adapt to, warming in ways that bring everyone together.

Biden to talk climate change in Massachusetts visit during heat wave with temps feeling above 100 degrees

President Joe Biden will visit Massachusetts on Wednesday, delivering remarks on climate change and energy policy at a former power plant.

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supreme court climate change

Op-ed: Reflections on the Supreme Court’s Decision in West Virginia v. EPA

Danger resides in the majority’s having invoked a sweeping “Major Questions Doctrine” to justify its decision in this relatively narrow case.

children health

Derrick Z. Jackson: Children will suffer the consequences of recent Supreme Court rulings

A rash of recent decisions by the high court will irreparably impact our children's health.

summer reading list

Our annual summer reading list, 2022 edition

Happy 4th of July! Here's some summer reading picks from our staff.

environmental injustice

Centering biodiversity and social justice in overhauling the global food system

“The food system is the single largest economic sector causing the transgressing of planetary boundaries.”

Global Warming: Why the problem is worse – and solutions simpler – than you thought

Global Warming: Why the problem is worse – and solutions simpler – than you thought

Noted ecologist John Harte offers a fresh take on the dire topic of climate change.

Colorado fracking

Colorado is the first state to ban PFAS in oil and gas extraction

The toxic “forever chemicals” are used in fracking wells across the country.

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