Transportation Interim Committee discusses two electric vehicle bills in Montana

The Transportation Interim Committee discussed two draft bills concerning electric vehicles in the state of Montana.
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VW Group breaks ground on a battery cell factory

The VW Group breaks ground on a battery cell factory

The new home of a major battery factory for the Volkswagen Group is in Salzgitter, Germany. Here's how it fits into the company's EV plans.
Carbon capture’ is no fix
Mark Dixon/Flickr

‘Carbon capture’ is no fix. Big Oil’s known for decades

The touted tech is still scarce and pricey, and even oilsands allies counsel caution.

Under Bolsonaro policy, invaders seize control of 250,000 hectares of Indigenous lands

On April 16, 2020, Brazil’s federal agency for Indigenous affairs, Funai, issued a regulation allowing private properties to be registered inside Indigenous lands that have not yet been demarcated, or officially recognized.

preserving Arizona’s dwindling water
Ken Lund/Flickr

Can Arizona citizens use the tools of democracy to preserve the state’s dwindling water?

How a group of ‘scrappy’ locals are working to create Arizona’s first citizen-initiated groundwater management area.

The Amazon Rain Forest’s future is on the ballot in Brazil

The murders of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira highlight the vast gulf between Bolsonaro’s lawless and exploitative approach to the rain forest and his opponent’s proposed reforms.
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children health

Derrick Z. Jackson: Children will suffer the consequences of recent Supreme Court rulings

A rash of recent decisions by the high court will irreparably impact our children's health.

summer reading list

Our annual summer reading list, 2022 edition

Happy 4th of July! Here's some summer reading picks from our staff.

environmental injustice

Centering biodiversity and social justice in overhauling the global food system

“The food system is the single largest economic sector causing the transgressing of planetary boundaries.”

Global Warming: Why the problem is worse – and solutions simpler – than you thought

Global Warming: Why the problem is worse – and solutions simpler – than you thought

Noted ecologist John Harte offers a fresh take on the dire topic of climate change.

Colorado fracking

Colorado is the first state to ban PFAS in oil and gas extraction

The toxic “forever chemicals” are used in fracking wells across the country.

gun control

Peter Dykstra: Gun and climate change delusions

Millions here suffer from twin hallucinations: Guns don’t cause our mass shootings, and the climate isn’t changing.

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