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Big brands commit to disclosing and cutting down on plastic usage under investor pressure

Activist investors secure early wins in reducing plastic use among major corporations like Disney and Hormel, spotlighting the growing influence of shareholder advocacy on environmental practices.

Joseph Winters reports for Grist.

In short:

  • Shareholder groups have persuaded companies to commit to more transparent reporting and reduction of plastic usage, emphasizing the impact of single-use plastics on their financial health.
  • Notable companies, including Disney and Hormel, have made significant commitments towards reducing their plastic footprint in response to shareholder advocacy.
  • The strategies include negotiating for environmental concessions before shareholder resolutions are voted on, showcasing a preference for dialogue over confrontation.

Key quote:

“It’s unnerving investors.”

— Douglass Guernsey, shareholder advocate at Green Century Capital Management

Why this matters:

Shareholder activism is pushing for corporate accountability on environmental issues, highlighting its potential to contribute significantly to global efforts in reducing plastic pollution and enhancing sustainability. More than 1,500 institutions representing more than $40 trillion in assets have pledged to stop investing in fossil fuel companies.

Construction worker's tragic end highlights the deadly impact of extreme heat on workers

Caught in a deadly heatwave, David Azevedo's effort to impress in a new job tragically cost him his life, underscoring the urgent need for better protections for outdoor workers.

Samira Shackle reports for The Guardian.

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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Geo-engineering's potential to tackle climate change sparks debate

As climate change intensifies, scientists are exploring geo-engineering as a potential solution, but the approach raises both hope and serious concerns.

Simon King reports for the BBC.

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Toxic coal ash complicates Chapel Hill redevelopment plans

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Credit: NASA HQ PHOTO/Flickr

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Joshua Partlow and Brady Dennis report for The Washington Post.

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Gabriel Gavin and Ben Lefebvre report for POLITICO.

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The US funds lithium mining, risking water supplies

Federal funding for lithium mining under the Inflation Reduction Act is raising concerns about environmental impacts on water supplies.

Elyse Hauser reports for Floodlight.

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