Book review: The elusive dream of self-driving cars

Book review: The elusive dream of self-driving cars

In "Driven," Alex Davies chronicles the heady early days and evolution of autonomous vehicle technology.

Healthcare paradox: How the industry designed to keep us well is also making our planet – and our bodies – sick

Healthcare systems undertake a fundamental and challenging mission: keeping us healthy. But true health and wellbeing extends beyond hospital walls and examination rooms. Our bodies and minds can only be as healthy as the environments that nourish them.

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States at impasse as Colorado River water deadline arrives; pressure builds on California

The seven states that depend on the Colorado River have missed a Jan. 31 federal deadline for reaching a regionwide consensus on how to sharply reduce water use, raising the likelihood of more friction as the West grapples with how to take less supplies from the shrinking river.

EPA vetoes Pebble Mine to protect salmon

EPA vetoes Pebble Mine in Alaska's Bristol Bay to protect salmon

To protect salmon, the EPA has vetoed a copper and gold mine near Bristol Bay, potentially ending a contentious Alaska project debated for years.
Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund's Russia investments

Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund's Russia investments slashed to one-tenth

Even though divesting out of the Russian stock market following Putin’s brutal military attack on Ukraine, the Norwegian oil fund still holds hundreds of millions worth of shares in petroleum companies like Gazprom, Novatek, Bashneft and Lukoil.
steel factory retrofit emissions reductions
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Steel factory retrofit could reduce pollution by 90 percent

The steel industry is one of our worst polluters, but new practices could create an almost perfectly closed loop system.

Board game 'Dirty Matters' is all about soil

Avoid fertilizer catastrophes and enrich the soil in a free-to-play, cooperative board game where dirt is the star.

Competition heats up for U.S. direct air capture program

At least four groups have expressed interest in a new federal program that aims to fight global warming with the use of machines that can suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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oil and gas wells pollution

What happens if the largest owner of oil and gas wells in the US goes bankrupt?

Diversified Energy’s liabilities exceed its assets, according to a new report, sparking concerns about whether taxpayers will wind up paying to plug its 70,000 wells.

Paul Ehrlich

Paul Ehrlich: A journey through science and politics

In his new book, the famous scientist reflects on an unparalleled career on our fascinating, ever-changing planet.

oil and gas california environmental justice

Will California’s new oil and gas laws protect people from toxic pollution?

California will soon have the largest oil drilling setbacks in the U.S. Experts say other states can learn from this move.

popular stories 2022

Our 5 most popular reads from 2022

A corpse, woodworking dangers, plastic titans ... revisit the stories that stuck with our readers this past year.

Pittsburgh environmental

What I learned reporting on environmental health in Pittsburgh in 2022

For a lot of people, 2022 felt like the first “normal” year since 2020. It didn’t for me.

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