Heatwave to bring record highs to Midwest, South this week

Extreme heat currently roasting the Upper Midwest and northern Plains is forecast to shift south and southeastward during the week. Temperature records will be in jeopardy in cities such as Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, and St. Louis during mid-to-late week.

In Beaver County, the cracker plant’s opening is finally near, bringing clouds of hope and fear

Shell’s new steel city on the Ohio River — a massive industrial castle whose construction has employed thousands of workers for years and stirred dread and excitement among those observing from afar — will soon begin producing tiny plastic pellets, the apotheosis of more than 10 years of expectations.

Sunrise in the woods

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Marmolada glacier collapses amidst Italian heat wave
E.P. Mallory/Flickr

Body parts, gear found on Italian glacier after avalanche

Rescuers found body parts and equipment as they searched Tuesday for hikers missing following a powerful avalanche that killed at least seven people and was blamed in large part on rising temperatures that are melting glaciers.

Dutch farmers block food distribution centers over new environmental rules

Farmers in the Netherlands reacted angrily to a proposal by lawmakers, including a plan to shut down some cattle farms to tackle harmful nitrogen emissions.

Europe′s water crisis: Rivers running dry

Severe droughts and scarce rain have forced water restrictions in southern European countries. Climate change is making itself felt across the continent.
ethanol carbon pipeline traverses eastern Iowa counties
Iowa Utilities Board

Third carbon pipeline would traverse several eastern Iowa counties

The proposed pipeline would connect to ethanol plants in Cedar Rapids and Clinton and span about 90 miles in five eastern Iowa counties.

How Landsat chronicled 50 years on a changing, fiery planet

The pioneering satellite program has provided the longest continuous document of how fire, global warming, and humanity are remaking our world.
Autonomous drones oversee UK energy grid
Arran Bee/Flickr

Autonomous drones could soon run the UK’s energy grid

The National Grid is testing computer-manned drones that can save millions in maintenance work.
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Our annual summer reading list, 2022 edition

Happy 4th of July! Here's some summer reading picks from our staff.

environmental injustice

Centering biodiversity and social justice in overhauling the global food system

“The food system is the single largest economic sector causing the transgressing of planetary boundaries.”

Global Warming: Why the problem is worse – and solutions simpler – than you thought

Global Warming: Why the problem is worse – and solutions simpler – than you thought

Noted ecologist John Harte offers a fresh take on the dire topic of climate change.

Colorado fracking

Colorado is the first state to ban PFAS in oil and gas extraction

The toxic “forever chemicals” are used in fracking wells across the country.

gun control

Peter Dykstra: Gun and climate change delusions

Millions here suffer from twin hallucinations: Guns don’t cause our mass shootings, and the climate isn’t changing.

Op-ed: An engine for social justice leads the way to change

Engine for social justice leads to change

Virginia Organizing's 27-year history as a role model for The Daily Climate

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