Storm surge climate impacts
Image by Jerry Coli from Pixabay

How do you measure sea level rise? A look at the science at the center of climate change

Two sources of data are combined to give scientists a comprehensive picture of ocean levels.

In a nutshell:

Rising ocean temperatures cause water to expand, elevating sea levels gradually. This perilous trend, exacerbated by melting ice caps and warming seas, triggers disruptions to ecosystems and exacerbates extreme weather events, as illustrated by Hurricane Sandy's devastating impact. Scientists utilize a combination of tidal gauges and satellite altimeters to monitor sea level changes, revealing an accelerating rise that could transform coastlines and flood vulnerable areas, necessitating proactive adaptation and preparation to mitigate its far-reaching consequences.

Key quote:

“It’s no longer that linear number. That rate is increasing,” said Dr. William Sweet, an NOAA oceanographer. “That’s of concern because that’s what all the climate models suggest: With continued warming, the future of sea level rise is going to accelerate.”

The big picture:

The combustion of fossil fuels has grave health implications, with a significant link to rising sea levels. Emissions of harmful pollutants like particulate matter and nitrogen oxides from burning fossil fuels contribute to respiratory diseases, heart problems, and premature deaths. As these emissions warm the planet and lead to sea level rise, coastal communities are increasingly vulnerable to flooding, eroding infrastructure, and exposure to waterborne diseases, posing a dual threat to public health.

environmental justice

LISTEN: Robbie Parks on why hurricanes are getting deadlier

"In places where there are high minority populations they bear, by far, the most burden of deaths from tropical cyclones."

Dr. Robbie Parks joins the Agents of Change in Environmental Justice podcast for a bonus episode to discuss how hurricanes have become deadlier in recent years and how we can better protect vulnerable communities.

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pumping gas john kerry fossil fuels
Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

John Kerry: 'Way past time to get real' on climate action

The world needs to get realistic about what it’s going to take to combat global warming, U.S. climate envoy John Kerry said Wednesday. And that means recognizing fossil fuel emissions are the primary source of the problem.

wildland firefighter climate mental health
Image by 12019 from Pixabay

A firefighter mental health crisis as wildfire’s rage on

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WATCH: How Marathon Petroleum and one Texas city show the potential for a chemical communication crisis

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air pollution heart attack

ER visits for heart problems plummeted after Pittsburgh coal processor shut down

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