Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines

Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines

Peter Dykstra joins Host Steve Curwood to discuss how coronavirus may be transmittable from humans to marine mammals through untreated wastewater. They go on to talk about how atrazine, one of the most widely used herbicides, may be harming endangered species and disrupting ecosystems, as well as affecting human health. And they wish a very happy birthday to Ted Turner, founder of CNN and longtime environmental champion.

bioplastic plastic pollution co2
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Chemists use bacteria to convert CO2 into bioplastic

A new simple hybrid setup allows bacteria to capture CO2 and produce biodegradable plastic for days, boosting output by 100x previous efforts.
Senator Whitehouse & climate change

Senator Whitehouse puts climate change on budget committee’s agenda

For more than a decade, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse gave daily warnings about the mounting threat of climate change. Now he has a powerful new perch.
extreme weather madrid urban forest
Photo by Gio Almonte on Unsplash

Extreme weather hampers Madrid’s urban forest plans

Extreme weather and tree die-offs have hampered the Spanish capital’s plan to establish a 75-kilometer woodland, turning a “tree cemetery” into a political flashpoint. 

Hunters and anglers are critical to climate change action

About 90 million people who hunt and fish are witnesses to climate change, and they are a critical constituency in efforts to reduce global warming.

Spain springtime wildfires more ferocious than previous years due to climate change, according to EU officials

In his more than a decade battling wildfires, firefighter Manuel Rubio had never seen a blaze like the one that raged for the past week in eastern Spain. Not this early in the year.

michigan utilities fossil fuels climate
Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash

Michigan utilities want to spend taxpayers’ ‘low carbon’ money on natural gas

Utilities hope to expand Michigan’s markets for fossil and ‘renewable’ gas as state and advocates call for decarbonization to fight climate change.

US House Republicans face unity test with major energy bill

The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on its first major legislation of the year on Thursday, a partisan energy bill that poses an early test of unity for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's majority.
vanuatu climate impacts
Photo by britt gaiser on Unsplash

Vanuatu strikes a blow for climate justice

Vanuatu, population 300,000, rallied countries to ask the world’s highest court to weigh in on a high-stakes question: Can countries be sued under international law for failing to slow down climate change?

From our Newsroom
Partha Dasgupta economics of nature

An economist's 'answer to everything.' Hint: It takes nature

Economist Partha Dasgupta takes issue with our failure to account for the cost of Earth's destruction

oil and gas wells pollution

What happens if the largest owner of oil and gas wells in the US goes bankrupt?

Diversified Energy’s liabilities exceed its assets, according to a new report, sparking concerns about whether taxpayers will wind up paying to plug its 70,000 wells.

Paul Ehrlich

Paul Ehrlich: A journey through science and politics

In his new book, the famous scientist reflects on an unparalleled career on our fascinating, ever-changing planet.

oil and gas california environmental justice

Will California’s new oil and gas laws protect people from toxic pollution?

California will soon have the largest oil drilling setbacks in the U.S. Experts say other states can learn from this move.

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