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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
fashion industry’s plastic waste
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Image by Kristin Finaldi from Pixabay

How to detox coal country

To clean up poisoned streams, Appalachian researchers are turning acid mine drainage into something unexpected.
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Tour of fracking sites connects activists from Appalachia and the Gulf Coast

An art collective brought together Appalachian and Gulf Coast residents to compare notes and build solidarity.
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Hundreds of fires are burning in the Appalachians amid growing drought

Fires have erupted from Virginia to Georgia, including 80 in West Virginia. Any beneficial rains to slow the fire season are at least a week away.
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After a flood, saving Appalachia’s history piece by piece

Appalshop, a cultural center in Kentucky, has recovered more than 13,500 items after a devastating flood a year ago. Many are being restored and digitized.
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From coal to kayaking: West Virginia’s miners turn to tourism to pay the bills

Increasing number of workers in once profitable mining industry now employed in tourism in a stunning corner of Appalachia.

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Report: Appalachia could be a haven for climate change migrants

Researchers found that the region could see a wave of climate-related migration. Early findings point to the need for robust infrastructure investments to support potentially growing population.

It’s been decades since toxic dust rules for mines have improved. Lawmakers are taking notice

It’s been decades since toxic dust rules for mines have improved. Lawmakers are taking notice

Black lung has surged in Appalachia in recent years. Research has tied the epidemic to silica dust, which can burrow deep into miners’ lungs.