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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
Inter-American court reviews corporate roles in climate change crises

Inter-American court reviews corporate roles in climate change crises

A pivotal hearing at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights examines whether businesses can be held legally accountable for climate change impacts on human rights.

Isabella Kaminski reports for DeSmog.

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Shell scales back its climate goals amid business growth

Shell scales back its climate goals amid business growth

In a strategic pivot, Shell aims for a modest reduction in emissions by 2030, facing criticism for prioritizing expansion over environmental commitments.

Jillian Ambrose reports for The Guardian.

In short:

  • Shell adjusts its carbon emissions reduction target to 15-20% by 2030, down from an initial 20%.
  • The company plans to expand its liquified natural gas operations and maintain current oil production levels.
  • Critics denounce the move as a step back for climate action, highlighting Shell's focus on profit over planet health.

Key quote:

This "retrograde step" shows once again that Shell has "no interest in acting for the climate."

— Agathe Masson, campaign group Reclaim Finance

Why this matters:

Shell's decision reflects a broader tension in the energy sector between economic growth and environmental stewardship. With the climate crisis looming, the strategies of major energy firms have significant implications for global efforts to combat climate change, affecting health and sustainability initiatives worldwide.

Faulty economic studies misled Pennsylvania lawmakers on petrochemicals. Who funded the studies? Shell.

Investing in nature's intrinsic value

Investing in nature's intrinsic value

Imagine a market where nature's preservation, not destruction, is profitable.

Lydia DePillis reports for The New York Times.

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Business coalition sues California over nation-leading climate disclosure laws

Thousands of large businesses operating in the state would be required to disclose their carbon footprint and climate-related financial risks under the laws.
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Texas sees ‘bonanza’ in carbon storage market

Carbon capture has excited politicians in hydrocarbon-rich Texas because it involves cashing in on a new round of federal subsidies to scale up an activity that oil producers have already been doing for a long time: pumping liquefied carbon gas into the ground.

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U.S. companies scramble ahead of EU climate disclosure rules

Looming compliance dates in the European Union mean American companies can no longer afford to wait and see what U.S. regulators will do.
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The moonshot climate entrepreneurs should pursue

A former Apple exec explains when you make the ‘right’ thing to do the ‘easy’ thing to do, people change their daily rituals.