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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Atlantic storm surges increasing
Credit: Alison McKellar/Flickr

New England battered by fourth storm since December

An intense storm caused significant flooding along New England's coastline, marking the fourth such event since December.

Ian Livingston reports for The Washington Post.

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Louisiana's coastal wetlands drowning
Credit: Water Alternatives Photos/Flickr

Louisiana's coastal wetlands face critical threat from rising sea levels

A recent study highlights the perilous state of Louisiana's coastal wetlands, with a majority facing "drowning" due to unprecedented sea level rise, posing significant risks to the region's natural defenses and ecosystem.

Brady Dennis and Chris Mooney report for The Washington Post.

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Maine resilience climate priorities
Credit: Lisa Hicks/Flickr

Maine officials, climate council agree building resilience to extreme weather a top priority

Gov. Janet Mills called a special meeting of the climate council to discuss the coastal flooding and other devastation from the trio of recent storms.
coastal erosion & flooding vulnerability
Credit: NCDOTcommunications/Flickr

Dolan, Godfrey: Scientists proved Outer Banks are moving

Findings more than 50 years ago by coastal geologist Robert Dolan and husband-and-wife researchers Paul and Melinda Godfrey changed barrier island understanding and led the National Park Service to reverse longstanding policy.
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subsidence & rising sea levels
Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program/Skyler Ballard/Flickr

Sinking US cities already face ‘real impacts’ as subsidence poses risk to buildings and roads

‘Hotspots of sinking land intersect directly with population and infrastructure hubs,’ researchers warn.

climate adaptation funding shortfall
Oregon State University/FlickrCredit: Moniruzzaman Sazal / Climate Visuals Countdown

Climate adaptation funds woefully inadequate, says UN

Gap in climate adaptation finance up to $366 billion a year leaving the world exposed to severe and more frequent climate change impacts, says UNEP report.
coastal insurability climate displacement

The hypocrisy at the heart of the insurance industry

Sometimes, a town doesn’t have to be underwater to become uninhabitable. All it has to do is be uninsurable.