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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
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Biden to set efficiency standards for gas stoves amid GOP backlash

The Energy Department is poised to finalize modest new efficiency standards for gas and electric stoves and ovens, potentially saving consumers in power bills.
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Cookstove carbon offsets overstate climate benefit by 1,000%, study finds

Clean cookstove projects, one of the most popular types of carbon-offset schemes, are probably overstating their beneficial impact on the climate by an average of 1,000%, according to a new study.

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The health impact of kitchen choices: Gas vs. induction cooking

In a comparison of gas stoves and induction cooktops, health concerns are brought to light, highlighting the potential risks of using gas stoves.

Michael J. Coren, John Farrell, Alice Li report for Washington Post.

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The gas industry sponsored Julia Child’s TV kitchen

Documents reveal the untold story of how the natural gas industry infiltrated American’s kitchens through the beloved chef.
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Vegan diets cause far less climate pollution, study shows. Here’s what to know in Tennessee

Vegan diets account for 75% less planet-heating emissions, land use and water pollution than a diet that includes 3.5 ounces of meat each day. Vegan diets also result in 54% less water use and 66% less biodiversity loss, according to a new study published in Nature Food.

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House passes bill to block federal gas stove ban

Politico reporter Kelsey Tamorrino writes about House conservatives that have successfully passed bipartisan legislation aimed at preventing the federal government from banning gas stoves.

In a nutshell:

The Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act received support from 29 Democrats, although it is unlikely to advance in the Democratic-controlled Senate. While there are currently no federal proposals to ban gas stoves, Republicans argue that the legislation serves as pushback against perceived overreach by the Biden administration and its influence on consumers' choices.

Key quote:

“This week, we will hold the Biden administration accountable by standing up for the American people to stop the outrageous and really insane ban on gas stoves — a bad idea that started in New York that is now being embraced by every Democrat and the Biden administration,” said Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.).

Big picture:

The long-term health impacts of gas stoves have become a contentious issue. Advocates for a ban argue that gas stoves contribute to indoor air pollution, releasing harmful pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide, which can have detrimental effects on respiratory health and exacerbate conditions like asthma. However, opponents, primarily Republicans, contend that a ban on gas stoves infringes on personal freedoms and represents government overreach, becoming a focal point in the larger political battle over climate change and the role of fossil fuels in society. As discussions continue, balancing health concerns with political ideologies remains a challenge for policymakers.

Read the full Politico article to learn more.

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GOP cooks up a new storm on gas stove rules

Republicans will use a House hearing and a markup Wednesday to fan the flames over proposed DOE efficiency standards.