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Coral reefs that protect Caribbean islands from hurricanes are rapidly declining

Coral reefs that protect Caribbean islands from hurricanes are rapidly declining

Hurricane Beryl, which hit the Caribbean as a Category 4 storm, highlights the crucial role of coral reefs in mitigating storm damage, but these vital ecosystems are disappearing.

Benji Jones reports for Vox.

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Hawaii wildfire impacts coral reefs
Credit: State Farm/Flickr

Hawaii faces an unprecedented challenge as wildfire impacts coral reefs

In the wake of the Lahaina wildfire, scientists and locals grapple with the potential toxic runoff into Maui's coral ecosystems. Audrey McAvoy reports for the Associated Press.

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coral reefs

Pipeline project in Mexico threatens vital coral reefs

A proposed natural gas pipeline off the coast of Veracruz, Mexico, by TC Energy, risks damaging a newly discovered, vibrant marine ecosystem, raising concerns among scientists and local communities.

Avery Schuyler Nunn reports for Grist.

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Lahaina Maui toxic debris
Credit: State Farm/Flickr

Fire blanketed Lahaina in toxic debris. Where can they put it?

Crews are sending thousands of truckloads of debris to a temporary disposal site, alarming Native Hawaiian residents and those seeking to protect a prized coral reef.
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Cryopreserved corals can now have babies

The first deep-frozen baby coral has lived to grow its own offspring. Could the futuristic technique eventually save dying reefs?
protecting corals from climate change

Shade, fog and probiotics: How scientists are trying to protect corals

Technical strategies to protect corals from bleaching have limitations and are only one part of the overall solution to saving imperiled reefs, experts say.
Pacific corals show tolerance to warming

Hope, but no free pass, as Pacific corals show tolerance to warming oceans

New research suggests that coral reefs in the Pacific islands of Palau are becoming increasingly tolerant to thermal stress brought on by climate change.