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Azerbaijani government criticized for silencing media ahead of climate summit
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
FERC authorizes Mountain Valley Pipeline operations
Copper recycling increases as demand soars
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Millets — ancient drought-resistant grains — could help the Great Plains survive climate change

The United Nations has declared 2023 the International Year of Millets — a type of small grain mostly grown in parts of Asia and Africa. The highly resilient and cost-friendly grains could make them the next crop for U.S. farmers in the midst of climate change.
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Duke Energy and its critics battle over its 'clean energy transition'

Energy production is the second largest source of the heat-trapping gases that cause global warming, both in North Carolina and nationwide — after transportation.

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Photo by Melvin Thambi on Unsplash

Social justice and labor rights activists are protesting a major Houston energy conference

As leaders from the biggest oil and gas companies gather in Houston for the World Petroleum Congress, others took to the park outside the convention to demand action on climate change and better labor practices.
Podcast looks at alternatives for coal decline in Wyoming

Podcast looks at alternatives for coal decline in Wyoming

Wyoming traditionally has more coal production than West Virginia. But like the Mountain State, coal production in “Big Wyoming” has been on the decline for more than a decade.
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Flood relocation disproportionately affects non-white Houston neighborhoods, study says

People in non-white and low-income Houston neighborhoods were more likely to be displaced after a flooding event than those in whiter, more affluent areas, according to a new joint study from researchers at Rice and Temple universities.

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Exxon and activism: The oil industry reckons with climate change

ExxonMobil shareholders have elected two board members backed by activist investors. We discuss the new chapter in the battle to make energy companies face the threat of climate change.