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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Environmental impacts are worsening global human rights, says report
Former EPA head predicts swift end to Biden’s climate policies under a new Trump administration
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Biden administration to fine oil and gas companies for excess methane

The Biden administration announced new moves on Friday to curb the release from oil and gas facilities of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is responsible for more than a quarter of the warming the planet is currently experiencing.

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Michael Grunwald: The climate solution that’s horrible for the climate

Corn ethanol and soy biodiesel accelerate food inflation and global hunger, but they’re also a disaster for the climate and the environment.
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Richard Revesz and his agency are remaking the pollution fight

Richard Revesz is changing the way the government calculates the cost and benefits of regulation, with far-reaching implications for climate change.
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The Supreme Court is crippling environmental protections. Where is Congress?

Will lawmakers allow what one justice called the court’s “appointment of itself as the national decision maker on environmental policy”?
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Rep. Emanuel Cleaver wants the federal government to throw out Missouri’s regional haze plan

Congressional representatives from St. Louis and Kansas City and environmental groups argue the state’s plan doesn’t make meaningful attempts to reduce the pollution that causes haze.
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How EPA’s new power plant rules could impact Pennsylvania

A new proposal by the EPA to limit planet-warming carbon emissions from power plants is expected to cut pollution in Pennsylvania, the state with the fourth-highest energy-related emissions in the country.

E.P.A. proposes first limits on climate pollution from existing power plants
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E.P.A. proposes first limits on climate pollution from existing power plants

It’s the last in a string of major regulations proposed by the Biden administration to sharply cut the greenhouse gases produced by the United States.