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Lahaina's wildfire aftermath reveals unexpected low toxicity levels

Lahaina's wildfire aftermath reveals unexpected low toxicity levels

The fierce heat of the Lahaina wildfire may have played a pivotal role in diminishing the presence of toxic contaminants typically associated with such disasters.

Paula Dobbyn reports for Civil Beat.

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wildfire smoke

Heat and wildfire smoke are even more harmful when combined, a study says

The health effects of the two climate threats are compounded when they occur in tandem, according to research focused on California.
oregon forest
Image by Harmony Lawrence from Pixabay

Climate change, drought, wildfires reduce value of private forestland in the West by billions

Oregon State University researchers said private timberland values have declined $11 billion due to the threat of drought and wildfires.
Apple orchard

Maryland researchers invented two new apples to withstand climate change

University of Maryland researcher Chris Walsh had an ambitious goal: develop apples that were heat-tolerant but also fire blight-resistant, and on trees short enough to be easily pruned or harvested from the ground.

lassen volcanic park
Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

‘There’s still beauty’: a national park bounces back after California’s biggest single fire

The recovering ecosystem of Lassen Volcanic national park offers lessons on how to protect public lands in a climate crisis era.

maui rebuilding
Photo by Don Stouder on Unsplash

Grieving Maui residents prepare to rebuild but ask: ‘For whom?’

Hawaii’s environment has suffered since its annexation by the US – can rebuilding return the island to an earlier way of life?
klamath indigenous wildfire biodiveristy
Big Stock Photo

Fire as medicine: Using fire to manage forests, prevent catastrophic wildfires in the Northwest

As a member of the Karuk, Hupa and Yurok tribes, Ryan Reed has learned how fire can be used to restore forests and rivers, improving the ecosystem for salmon, elk, oak and hazelnut trees.