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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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How the world wastes an astonishing amount of food, in three charts

A recent UN report highlights how over a trillion dollars' worth of food is wasted annually, exacerbating climate change and food insecurity globally.

Sam Delgado reports for Vox.

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Rethinking portion sizes and inventory to cut food waste

Rethinking portion sizes and inventory to cut food waste

Artificial intelligence is tackling food waste by analyzing what gets tossed in restaurants and unsold in supermarkets, aiming for a greener future.

Somini Sengupta reports for The New York Times.

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Mottainai: In Japan, creativity is key to a no-waste ideal

Japan's celebrated principles of thrift and conservation further sustainability in the culinary world, brilliantly embracing scraps, leftovers and the whole animal.
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Want to reduce food waste, Ontario? Be more like Vancouver

Over 60 per cent of Ontario’s food waste ends up in landfills producing methane, even though the fixes are right in front of us.

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LA school's composting project brings hope and lessons on climate change

A school composting program in Los Angeles helps teach students how to take climate action through its composting program.
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Food waste’s enormous impact on animal welfare: Wasted meat, milk, and eggs

Almost 1 in every 4 animals raised on a factory farm never actually makes it to your plate. Instead, they die for nothing.

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UN sets out roadmap to combat global hunger amid climate crisis

Targets include cutting methane emissions from livestock by 25%, halving food waste and managing fisheries sustainably by 2030.