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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Image by Mario Hagen from Pixabay

Biden expected to OK Alaska oil project — a blow to his green base

The expected approval of the massive Willow oil project would be just the latest shift by Biden toward the political center before a potential reelection bid.
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UN chief slams ‘climate-wrecking’ firms at human rights meeting in Geneva

Antonio Guterres said fossil fuel producers and financial backers must understand ‘crucial truth: pursuing mega-profits when so many are losing lives and rights is completely unacceptable’.
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New Jersey joins states suing fossil fuel companies over climate change damage

The lawsuit claims businesses not only failed to warn the public, but "launched public-relations campaigns to sow doubts" over the impact of burning oil and gas.
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U.S. oil lobby pushes Biden to roll back fossil fuel curbs

The American Petroleum Institute, the top U.S. oil lobby organization, on Tuesday urged President Joe Biden’s administration to lift a slew of restrictions on fossil fuel development to help ease soaring energy prices.
Dissolving in Toxic Oceans: How an Ancient Extinction Happened - The New York Times

Dissolving in Toxic Oceans: How an Ancient Extinction Happened - The New York Times

Scientists say rocks on the English coast contain clues of the processes that drove the end-Triassic event that killed as much as a quarter of all life on Earth.
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Antarctica’s fossil rainforest is a warning about climate change

Today, the South Pole records average winter temperatures of 78 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. But roughly 90 million years ago, the fossils suggest, Antarctica was as warm as Italy and covered by a green expanse of rainforest.