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Judges' interpretations of the law significantly impact climate policy
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Houston tackles cleanup after Gulf Coast storm damages city
Earth stays above 1.5°C warming for a year
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Big brands commit to disclosing and cutting down on plastic usage under investor pressure

Activist investors secure early wins in reducing plastic use among major corporations like Disney and Hormel, spotlighting the growing influence of shareholder advocacy on environmental practices.

Joseph Winters reports for Grist.

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climate protest students
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US students file complaints against six universities over fossil fuel investments

Students say that by investing in fossil fuels their schools are violating commitments to the public interest.

natural gas pension funds investment

‘Sustainable’ pension funds accused of greenwashing over billions held in oil and gas firms

People investing their pensions in funds that claim green credentials are being warned they may actually be backing the world’s largest oil and gas companies.

fossil fuel financing & divestment
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Climate protesters call out US banks for funding fossil fuel projects

Offices of Citibank in New York and Wells Fargo in San Francisco targeted by activists urging shareholders to act
city of london bank climate game of thrones
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Game of Thrones stars challenge big banks over fossil fuel links

The Game of Thrones stars and real-life couple Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are co-starring in a Richard Curtis short film highlighting the “toxic relationship” between UK high street banks and the fossil fuel industry.

Royal Bank of Canada No. 1 financier of fossil fuel development
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Royal Bank the No. 1 financier of fossil fuel development in the world, new report finds

A report from a coalition of environmental groups shows that Royal Bank of Canada was the biggest fossil fuel financier in the world last year after providing over $42 billion US in funding.
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Bill McKibben: Climate change is the legacy of people over the age of 60. That’s why we must protest

I’m proud to be part of Third Act, a climate activist organization for people over the age of 60.