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Tribes and conservationists work to save spearfishing from climate change
climate havens
Photo by Gray Matter on Unsplash

Finding climate havens

How do you know whether a location is better suited for dealing with climate change than the place you live now? Experts point to two major factors.

wind farm energy climate

Why California's clean energy path depends on floating farms

A short distance off California’s wild and rugged coastline, nearly 600 miles of ocean have been designated for the development of sprawling wind farms, a sign that the Pacific is fast becoming the next frontier of California’s clean-energy economy.

The polar silk shipping route

In graphic detail: The polar silk route

China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative aims to link much of the world through road, rail, and maritime networks, including ice-free routes through the Arctic.
connected coral reef networks
Raita Futo/Flickr

In graphic detail: Raita Futo

Coral reefs are some of the most imperiled ecosystems on the planet, but the largest and most connected reef networks might just have what it takes to survive.
river delta climate degradation

River deltas are running out of land

Many deltas are degrading even faster than previously estimated, according to a new analysis of sediment flow rates led by Austin Chadwick, a geomorphologist at the California Institute of Technology.

The people who draw rocks

The people who draw rocks

The Alps’ glaciers are melting, and these Swiss cartographers have work to do.
antarctic penguins climate impacts
Photo by Tam Minton on Unsplash

New Antarctic penguin colonies discovered further south than normal

As the climate warms, gentoo penguins are expanding to habitats that were previously too icy for them to raise chicks.