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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Italian oil company ENI faces landmark climate lawsuit

In a groundbreaking case, Greenpeace Italy and ReCommon are suing Eni, alleging its contribution to global warming, amidst revelations of the company's ties to climate deniers.

Stella Levantesi reports for DeSmog.

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Greenpeace CTO urges tech industry to embrace sustainability

Greenpeace CTO urges tech industry to embrace sustainability

Greenpeace's Chief Technology Officer, Priscilla Chomba-Kinywa, highlights the need for the tech industry to prioritize environmental sustainability.

Stephen Armstrong reports for WIRED.

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Young climate activist tells Greenpeace to drop ‘old-fashioned’ anti-nuclear stance

Swedish teenager Ia Anstoot says group’s ‘unscientific’ opposition to EU nuclear power serves fossil fuel interests.

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New North Sea oil and gasfields will emit as much carbon as 14m cars, report says

The Guardian environment editor Fiona Harvey reports new oil and gas licences for the North Sea that the UK government has approved in the past two years will produce as much carbon dioxide as the annual emissions of nearly 14m cars, or the entire yearly emissions of Denmark.

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Court mulls case against Spain government over climate inaction

Spain's Supreme Court on Tuesday began examining a case filed by Greenpeace and other environmental groups accusing the central government of insufficient action to tackle climate change, the court and NGOs said.

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Climate protesters dragged from Shell shareholder meeting as they rush stage

Climate change protesters were dragged away as they tried to storm the stage at Shell’s shareholder meeting Tuesday, while activist investors added pressure with a resolution demanding the global oil and gas giant beef up its emissions strategy.

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Climate activists disrupt Europe’s biggest private jet fair

Dozens of climate activists have disrupted Europe’s largest private jet trade fair by chaining themselves to aircraft to protest against the sector’s carbon emissions.