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groundwater conservation aquifer depletion
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Recent court rulings bolster state power to safeguard groundwater

In a significant shift, western states are gaining ground in the battle to conserve their precious groundwater resources.

Christopher Flavelle reports for The New York Times.

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aquifer depletion & groundwater pumping
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The world’s essential aquifers are in deep trouble

New research finds that the groundwater systems that hydrate your life are in rapid, sometimes accelerating decline around the globe. Here’s how to stop the retreat.
California groundwater extraction
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Some California farmers pay for groundwater. Is that workable?

A conversation with Coral Davenport, a climate reporter, about a novel water payment system in the Pajaro Valley.
Midwest groundwater pumping aquifer depletion
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Indiana’s plan to pipe in groundwater for microchip-making draws fire

The state is courting high-tech investments, but a new industrial park may lack enough water. Opponents say piping it from miles away might dry out residential wells.
Spanish Andalucía wetlands preservation
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Spanish minister hails deal to save Andalucía wetlands as a model for green transition

€1.4bn deal to protect Doñana national park will diversify local economy and stop farmers using aquifers to irrigate fruit crops.

agriculture groundwater crisis
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How America’s diet is feeding the groundwater crisis

As dinner tables and snack menus feature far more chicken and cheese, farms are expanding where water is scarce.
western US water wars
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The water wars deciding the future of the West

From conservation to importing water from the Pacific, Democrats say they have all the answers to historic drought. The one thing no one wants to talk about: stopping the sprawl.