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Vietnam rethinks water management in the Mekong Delta

Vietnam rethinks water management in the Mekong Delta

Vietnam is taking significant steps to address environmental challenges in the Mekong Delta by adopting nature-based solutions to mitigate land subsidence, saltwater intrusion, and flooding.

Stefan Lovgren reports for Yale Environment 360.

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Mekong River ecosystem damage

Mekong: The last chance to save a mighty river

It is feared one of the world’s richest ecosystems, home to millions of people, is facing irreversible change.
giant stingray Mekong ecosystem
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How a (very) giant stingray could help to save a mighty river

A world-record ray caught in the Mekong was tagged and tracked. The data is giving scientists new insight into a fragile ecosystem.
Mekong river plastic pollution

Clean me a river: Southeast Asia chokes on Mekong plastic pollution

New research shows that the drift of microplastics from the Mekong River to the coastlines of countries around the South China Sea depends on variable factors, including seasonal changes in winds and ocean currents.

Mekong River environmental flashpoint

How the Mekong River is turning into a new flashpoint in Indo-Pacific

Experts view the South China Sea as the most probable area of conflict in Asia. Their attention now has also turned to the Mekong River, where the economic and environmental stakes are arguably much higher.
Five bright spots in the Mekong

Five bright spots in the Mekong

Southeast Asia's main waterway faces substantial challenges. But these five developments could change the river's course.

China's control over Mekong dries up SE Asia

China limited the Mekong’s flow. Other countries suffered a drought.

New research show that Beijing’s engineers appear to have directly caused the record low levels of water in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.