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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Florida anti-climate legislation
Banks continue funding fossil fuels despite global climate agreements
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Birth of an OSHA policy

With terrorism in mind, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration created a policy to oversee companies that clean up and build anew after disasters. Decades later, it’s failing to protect workers who respond to climate-fueled catastrophes.

FEMA forced to restrict disaster spending because of low funds

FEMA forced to restrict disaster spending because of low funds

From now on, the money will be used only for “critical response efforts” and not rebuilding.
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Falsehoods follow close behind this summer’s natural disasters

As natural disasters and extreme environmental conditions became more commonplace around the world this summer, scientists pointed repeatedly to a shared driver: climate change. Conspiracy theorists pointed to anything but.

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Rihanna calls for financial reform to help climate-struck communities. Here’s why she can talk

Her foundation donated over €13 million to climate justice last year, and has long supported Caribbean communities after disasters.
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NOAA plans $2.6 billion to help prepare for and respond to disasters
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NOAA plans $2.6 billion to help prepare for and respond to disasters

Coastal communities, Tribal nations, and weather forecast accuracy are among the planned beneficiaries of $2.6 billion the Department of Commerce plans to use to help communities be more resilient to climate change, weather hazards and sea level rise.

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Faced with climate change, island of Ischia battles illegal urban development

The island of Ischia is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters, and the problem of uncontrolled urban development is making the damage worse.

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Kate Aronoff: Be angry about the wildfire pollution – but be angry at the right people

A poisonous haze made the air over New York temporarily more hazardous than any other place on Earth. Thank fossil fuel billionaires, writes Kate Aronoff in The Guardian.

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