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North Atlantic's record heat waves may fuel an intense hurricane season

North Atlantic's record heat waves may fuel an intense hurricane season

A marine heat wave in the North Atlantic has set daily temperature records for over a year, raising concerns about its potential to drive an unusually severe hurricane season.

Chelsea Harvey reports for E&E News.

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Sylvia Earle ocean conservation

Sylvia Earle, a relentless ocean advocate, emphasizes urgency for ocean conservation

Sylvia Earle, the trailblazing oceanographer known as “Her Deepness,” shares her relentless passion for ocean protection despite mounting challenges.

Elizabeth Claire Alberts reports for Mongabay.

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Coral bleaching ocean warming

Coral bleaching crisis unfolds as oceans reach record heat levels

Recent ocean heatwaves have triggered the fourth global mass coral bleaching event, devastating coral reefs worldwide.

Georgina Rannard reports for the BBC.

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AMOC ocean circulation collapse
Credit: Rover_Thor/Flickr

Climate simulation raises alarm over potential ocean circulation collapse

A recent study by René van Westen showcases how melting Arctic freshwater could disrupt the Atlantic Ocean's circulation, potentially leading to abrupt climate changes.

Sarah Kaplan reports for The Washington Post.

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Ocean heating record levels

Ocean heating breaks record, again, with disastrous outcomes for the planet

High ocean temperatures are placing a strain on marine life and biological processes while also increasing extreme weather events on land.

building climate-resilient coral reefs
Credit: WorldFish/Flickr

The race to build climate-resilient coral reefs

These innovations are speeding up the recovery of bleached corals.
corals underwater
Photo by Marek Okon on Unsplash

When it comes to climate change, we should be paying more attention to our oceans

2023 was a record-breaking year for the global temperature but it also saw new heat records set in our oceans. And as one climate scientist noted, 'The oceans are the most important thing.'