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Ogallala Aquifer depletion & pork plant
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
texas oil wells gushing water
deep-water oil terminal safety
Great Lakes water quality

Scientists urge Canada to address emerging water contaminants in the Great Lakes

Scientists studying unregulated contaminants are calling for coordinated action from Ontario and federal governments to protect water and health in the Great Lakes region.

Fatima Syed reports for The Narwhal.

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Chemours, DuPont PFAS pollution NC
Credit: Glynnis Jones/BigStock Photo ID: 120471452

Chemours and DuPont's knowledge of PFAS risks leads to UN intervention

A United Nations human rights panel has spotlighted a North Carolina PFAS plant for its environmental negligence, highlighting the ongoing production of toxic chemicals despite known health risks.

James Bruggers reports for Inside Climate News.

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Chemical industry fights Superfund tax
Credit: Dan Jeffrey/Flickr

Chemical industry spends millions lobbying against Superfund tax

The American Chemistry Council spent $130 million over two years on government lobbying, including against revived Superfund tax.
Texas fracking wastewater spills
Credit: Ted Auch, FracTracker Alliance/Flickr

Texas grapples with environmental fallout from frequent oil and gas wastewater spills

Produced water spills in Texas are causing significant environmental damage, but in a fossil-fuel friendly state known for lax environmental regulations, remedies are few.

Martha Pskowski reports for Inside Climate News.

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Plastic or paper drinking straws
Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

Plastic or paper? The truth about drinking straws

The backlash against single-use plastics has seen a growing market for paper, metal, glass and plant-based straws. But is the choice between them really a simple one?
PFAS from the oil and gas industry

New Mexico lawmakers grapple with PFAS from the oil and gas industry

Citizens Caring for the Future points to data from the Physicians for Social Responsibility, which says that between 2013 and 2022, oil and gas companies put at least 9,000 pounds of PFAS into the ground during fracking operations.

biofuels made from human waste
Brendan Riley/Flickr/Commercial use & mods allowed

Crud-to-crude: The global potential of biofuels made from human waste

Creating liquid biofuels from human waste shows promise as a way to meet one of alternative energy’s greatest challenges: reducing the transportation sector’s heavy carbon footprint. The good news is there is a steady supply stream where waste is treated.