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US oil trade group challenges Biden administration's EV mandate in court
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
California receives federal funds to train climate-resilient workforce
Biden's new border policy endangers climate migrants in severe heat
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Property over people? New York City’s $52bn plan to save itself from the sea

A decade after Hurricane Sandy, critics of a federal plan that allocates billions to protect the region from rising waters are calling it a ‘failure of imagination.'

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Court says renewable firms can seize Spain's property after subsidy cuts

London’s High Court has ruled that two investors in Spanish solar energy plants are entitled to seize a Spanish property in London to enforce a judgment in a long-running dispute over renewable energy incentives.

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AI, machine learning and IoT could help us adapt to a warmer planet

Advanced digital technology helps us come to terms with the effects of climate change, protecting people and property from extreme weather-related events.
New state fire risks map leaves property owners with insurance concerns; some cities challenge data

New state fire risks map leaves property owners with insurance concerns; some cities challenge data

The map’s impact on insurance rates and property values should not be severe, according to the state wildfire programs director.
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Coastal risks pose threat to $25 billion worth of property

Increasingly frequent storm surges and erosion could affect the value of thousands of Australian coastal homes within the next 30 years, according to property analytics firm CoreLogic.

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Passivhaus: How to insulate your home against soaring heating bills

Soaring gas prices have been making headlines but for some households heating bills are nowhere near reaching record highs. These are the residents of Passivhaus homes.

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Wildfire home protection: Frontline, Firemaps, other start-ups

Homeowners are looking for new tech that can harden their properties against natural disasters that are increasing in frequency as a result of global warming.