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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Across the country, houses of worship are going solar

There's a rise in churches turning to solar power so they can preach sustainability along with their doctrines.
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South Korea pushes ‘carbon-free’ plan at COP28. But its shift to renewables has slowed

South Korea is rolling out a new “carbon-free” campaign at this year’s COP28 that it says will reposition Seoul as a global leader in decarbonization.

Opinion: Most people don’t realize how much progress we’ve made on climate change

Opinion: Most people don’t realize how much progress we’ve made on climate change

The rapid rise of renewables and EVs has already put us on a safer path.
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A proposed solar project confronts mining's past in rural Pennsylvania township

A Centre County township wrestles with a proposed solar farm on a site where runoff from past coal mining is polluting a watershed.
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Image by MOON YOUNG GUN from Pixabay

Korea’s Jeju Island is a leader in clean energy. But it’s increasingly having to curtail its renewables

It’s a cautionary tale for places, including those in the U.S., where wind and solar power generation outpace the capabilities of the electrical grid.
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Image by Como una Reina from Pixabay

Most of India's rural solar systems no longer work due to poor maintenance

A cautionary tale for a world racing into renewables: The large majority of mini-grids in India no longer work, an environmental group found.
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Solar panels on water canals seem like a no-brainer. So why aren't they widespread?

The idea of putting solar panels on top of the world's thousands of miles of irrigation canals has long seemed like a good one.