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salton sea lithium
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California’s Salton Sea eyed for lithium extraction with new tech

As companies with billionaire backing buy in, frontline communities weigh the economics with health and environment.
lithium mining california salton sea
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As companies eye massive lithium deposits in California’s Salton Sea, locals anticipate a mixed bag

June Kim writes for Inside Climate News about mining the Salton Sea and the frontline communities in Lithium Valley that are cautiously optimistic about the economic potential, but also concerned about the health and environmental issues mining could create.
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salton sea climate farming
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

As the Salton Sea shrinks, agriculture’s legacy turns to dust

As drought and reduced agricultural runoff dry up the shallow sea, the farmworkers living nearby are exposed to toxic dust and airborn pollution from algae blooms. They’re also experiencing asthma, allergies, and other health impacts at alarming rates.

salton sea sign
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A terminal case? Shrinking inland seas expose salty particulates and more

The Salton Sea and Great Salt Lake face distinct challenges and have different potential fixes. But together, they highlight a much broader trend that may pose public health threats in locations around the globe: dust blowing from the beds of drying terminal lakes.

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salton sea drought water climate

The Salton Sea, an accident of history, faces a new water crisis

The vast California lake relies on runoff from cropland to avoid disappearing. But as farmers face water cuts due to drought and an ever drier Colorado River, the Salton Sea stands to lose again.
salton sea water drought pollution

The Salton Sea’s feral splendor

California's Salton Sea has long been regarded as an apocalyptic wasteland, but it's much more. It faces threats from drought and pollution.
salton sea climate cleanup toxics

US to spend $250m on cleanup at California’s toxic Salton Sea

The federal government said Monday it will spend $250m over four years on environmental cleanup and restoration work around a drying southern California lake that’s fed by the depleted Colorado River.