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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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sustainable cities
Credit: Corey Templeton/Flickr

Exploring the 15-minute city concept for sustainable urban living

The 15-minute city concept promotes healthier living through reduced car dependence and increased local engagement.

Claire Elise Thompson reports for Grist.

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EV charging infrastructure

Tesla scales back on building electric vehicle charging stations

Tesla, led by Elon Musk, has decided to reduce its focus on expanding the electric vehicle charging network in the United States, leaving other companies to step up and meet the growing demand for public chargers.

Jack Ewing and Ivan Penn report for The New York Times.

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Hawaii’s renewable energy revolution
Credit: Daniel Ramirez/Flickr

The promise — and the perils — of Hawaii’s renewable energy revolution

The closer the state gets to reaching its groundbreaking clean energy goals, the harder it will be to achieve them.
Wireless charging roadways

Wireless charging: The roads where electric vehicles never need to plug in

The first wireless electric road in the US has been installed in Detroit, but at nearly $2m (£1.6m) per mile, is this really the future of transport?
Electrified transport investment soared globally
Credit: hans-johnson/Flickr

Electrified transport investment soared globally in ’23, passing renewable energy

China spent much more than any other nation on the energy transition last year, but spent less overall than it did in 2022.
ev charging infrastructure
Credit: FirstEnergy/Flickr

Biden vetoes Republican measure to block electric vehicle charging stations

Republicans and some Democrats tried to repeal a waiver issued by the Biden administration that allows federally funded E.V. chargers to be made from imported iron and steel.
indonesia’s ev venture pollution
Credit: stefanophotographer/Bigstock

Environmental and human rights concerns arise from Chinese-backed nickel mining in Indonesia

A report highlights severe environmental and Indigenous rights violations by a Chinese-backed nickel industrial project in Indonesia, escalating tensions in the electric vehicle (EV) battery supply chain.

Resty Woro Yuniar reports for South China Morning Post.

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