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Fewer electric vehicles will qualify for U.S. tax credits in 2024​

Purchases of popular models like the Tesla Model 3 and the Ford Mustang Mach-E may no longer entitle buyers to tax savings because the cars do not meet tougher sourcing requirements.
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California county's plan to utilize federal funds for carbon capture raises concerns

Kern County, California, aims to harness federal tax credits to build facilities that produce and store carbon dioxide, a move critics view as counterproductive to tackling climate change.

Aaron Cantú reports for Capital & Main.

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US EV adoption rate

Three big reasons Americans haven't rapidly adopted EVs

US consumers are buying electric vehicles – just not at the pace some analysts predicted. A few core reasons keep the average consumer from moving past petrol.
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Fear of Chinese dominance looms over Biden Treasury Department’s next rule on electric car tax credits

Guidance from the Treasury Department will spell out how hard a line the U.S. is drawing against electric vehicles with battery parts or minerals sourced from China.

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Flush with the promise of tax credits, clean energy projects are booming in Texas

In the year since the Inflation Reduction Act became law, private investment in wind power, battery storage and other renewable energy ventures has significantly expanded. Analysts suggest that the act’s 10-year tax incentives are seeding confidence in the sector’s stability.

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Biden’s hydrogen bombshell leaves Europe in the dust

The EU is investing billions into becoming a green energy superpower. But Washington’s Inflation Reduction Act means it’s the U.S. reaping the rewards.