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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Lahaina Maui wildfire

Why Maui burned

Lahaina’s wildfire was the deadliest in the U.S. in more than a century. Now the community is grappling with the botched response as it tries to rebuild.
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Choked out: the wildfire smoke threat to tree planters

This summer’s worst recorded fire season in Alberta, British Columbia and across Canada means many more tree planters have been exposed to harmful pollutants contained within smoke.

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As air quality worsens, is now the time to buy a respirator?

One person who used a respirator to combat wildfire smoke earlier this month said he wants to empower people to use the mask that works best for them.
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The history of American air pollution, explained

Vox reporter Rachel DuRose explains the history of American air pollution.

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In California, unhealthy pollution from wildfire smoke has become dangerously common

As wildfires have choked skies in the western United States, turning them vivid orange or sickly ochre, millions of people now live where smoke regularly makes breathing unhealthy.

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Western wildfire smoke dramatically altered D.C.'s sunrises and sunsets

The sun’s usually bright and vibrant colors at sunrise and sunset in recent days were replaced by dim and soft reddish hues in the sky. The culprit? Western wildfire smoke in the atmosphere that filtered the sunlight reaching the ground.

Why the capital of India is flush with mosquitoes

Why the capital of India is flush with mosquitoes

City residents have long resorted to low-cost, do-it-yourself remedies that may be harmful to human health.