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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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US energy department selects sites for major electric transmission projects

US energy department selects sites for major electric transmission projects

The Department of Energy has identified 10 key areas for building high-capacity electric transmission lines to boost clean energy distribution across the U.S., as part of President Biden's climate strategy.

Peter Behr reports for E&E News.

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Utility-caused wildfires spread beyond California, driven by climate change

Utility equipment sparks wildfires across the U.S., signaling the need for adaptation in the face of escalating risks from climate change.

Ivan Penn reports for The New York Times.

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Republicans and Democrats want community solar. Why won’t Michigan legislators enable it?

Advocates say big utilities wield their influence in Lansing to maintain control over renewable energy.
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Louisiana consultant spent 13 years drafting energy efficiency rules

“After 13 years, we can’t call it Quick Start anymore”: Utility opposition to proposed efficiency rules is part of the reason consultants have delayed work for years.

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Image by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay

Laurel Peltier took on multi-million dollar private energy companies scamming Baltimore’s low-income households, one victim at a time

Policymakers hoped deregulated energy markets would lower utility bills through open competition. Energy advocates found the opposite: retail energy companies are fleecing low-income communities of color in cities like Baltimore.

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Taking back the power (literally)

Brooke Anderson writes for Yes! magazine about frontline communities from California to Puerto Rico who are leading the fight for energy democracy.

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EPA says carbon capture is within reach. Utilities aren't biting

The utilities that control most of the country’s power plants aren’t rushing out to install carbon capture, even as the Biden administration offers the technology as a lifeline for fossil fuels.