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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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The water wars deciding the future of the West

From conservation to importing water from the Pacific, Democrats say they have all the answers to historic drought. The one thing no one wants to talk about: stopping the sprawl.
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In a remote, dry patch of California, a battle is raging over carrots

In a remote, dry patch of California farm country, a battle is raging over carrots. Or rather, over the groundwater where they’re growing northwest of Los Angeles.
Utah officials sued over failure to save Great Salt Lake

Utah officials sued over failure to save Great Salt Lake: ‘Trying to avert disaster’

Environmental and community groups have filed lawsuit as the water body shrinks from overuse, hastening its demise.

Texas's shrinking natural swimming holes

Texas’s dying swimming holes

Taking a dip in the summer was as central to the state’s identity as barbecue and Willie Nelson. Then came a population boom and climate change.
BC faces historic drought

Canada’s wettest province faces historic drought — and a precarious new future

From grasshopper infestations to water restrictions, B.C.’s drought is affecting all corners of the province in ways surprising and predictable. Is the government doing enough to lead?
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A Florida city famous for its water worries that it might run out

As Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) likes to note, Florida is the fastest-growing U.S. state. But the population boom strains vital services such as water distribution.
Pumping groundwater shifts Earth's tilt

Humans have used enough groundwater to shift Earth's tilt

Pumping groundwater for drinking and irrigation has had a noticeable effect on the entire planet, data shows.