U.S. group urges Biden to use financial regulation to control climate change

A climate advocacy group comprised of high-profile backers of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday urged the former vice president to consider using U.S. financial regulation as a tool to fight global warming if he is elected.

For Planet Earth, no tourism is a curse and a blessing

From the rise in poaching to the waning of noise pollution, travel’s shutdown is having profound effects. Which will remain, and which will vanish?

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Natural solutions to address aging infrastructure, climate change

Natural solutions can help us meet this opportunity to address our aging infrastructure, climate change and social equity.

President Biden is trying to ease tension between environmentalists and labor unions

The president is trying to square environmentalists’ demands to stop burning fossil fuels with labor leaders' desire for union jobs linked to oil and gas.

Climate change already impacting Irish waters

Climate change has already impacted Irish waters, new research has found, with the ocean off the southwest coast likely to become warmer and less salty by the year 2035, thereby harming everyday sea life.


Gary's Great Lakes Notebook - Writing

Natural Resources minister says Michigan's concerns have no merit As the U.S  and Canada work to mend fences at the highest levels of government after four years of frosty relations, the Enbridge...

Seagrass is a vital weapon against climate change, but we’re killing it

Seagrasses don't get as much attention as coral reefs, but these "hidden forests" store carbon, keep the water clear and are a vital habitat for marine l...